Who we are

MuscleChef kitchen was proudly founded in Nagpur, Maharashtra, with a vision to serve healthy meals to fitness enthusiasts. Non-healthy food is in surplus, we see fast food vendors at almost every block of every city.

It was extremely needed to have a solution for people to get healthy meals when they don’t have access or time to cook meals on their own. Especially health enthusiasts and body builder who struggle to keep their nutrition requirements on a daily basis. Having faced some of such problems, the founders just couldn’t wait to jump out and help!

Why MuscleChef?

India is the diabetic capital of the world. Similarly a lot of people struggle with various diseases in our country. They’ve already got a lot going on for them but at least they shouldn’t struggle when it comes to food. MuscleChef comes in where food contains and nutrition value needs to be precised according to someone needs.

Not just medical issues, in sports and fitness, getting sufficient and right nutrition is the key. It’s always 80% diet and 20% exercise. MuscleChef helps you optimize the 80% of your grind with best quality meals with accurate nutrition content. You don’t just eat healthy, you eat optimally.